Who am i ?

Who am i…? I asked myself…. Frist of all, I`m an Indian citizen; A man; This much is enough to be a Victim of Dowry Law (IPC 498A)? No need to be Indian citizen, you can be anyone, who marry Modern Indian Women, can be a Victim; Can be Jailed … Continue reading

About me.

I was born in Bombay but raised in Karkala a small town, 50 KM away from Mangalore, and passed Collage Degree from Mangalore University. I am the middle one of 3 Children; we do not have sisters, Raised by God fearing Family. Since Beginning we used to help mother in … Continue reading

About her.

My Missing Rib; It was Arranged marriage, My Mother sister told she knew them very well; so we did not checked anything about her. Here is bit Details about her. She was born in Udipi but Raised in Bombay at her Uncle home, along with 5 Cousin sisters; They Dominated … Continue reading