1 Minute with Judge

As I was in India, as usual once a year I have to show my Face to Judge.

As we went to court, Afternoon session was about to start. We just entered and Judge came to court room. Even Before he take his Place, My Lawyer went straight ahead and stood in front of Judge and said.

As in last date Judge asked me to come on next date.

Lawyer said, Sir you called my client.

Who are you ? Judge said,

Me haja wakil.

It was like some dada kondke comedy film.

Ha kaun…? Judge asked.

498a case… thumi sangithla……

even before Lawyer finish my introduction Judge remembered my name, as he shouted at Public Prosecutor last time for keeping my case pending for so many years. Judge Told Public Prosecutor, What Problem he has to Produce his final say when I can come 5000Km away Kuwait as my lawyer agreed.

Judge laughed and said, I said so you asked him to come all the way from Kuwait.?

What is your name ?

Rudolph D’souza I said

when did you came ?

Last week . I said

So you were in India for last date.

No I came to Mangalore, today I came here.

Ok you can go now.

and we came out.

It all took less than 1 minute.

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