498A Status

As there was not much update on my 498A Status, one of the MyNation Foundation member asked by mail.

As i was getting dates after dates, many Public Prosecutor promised that they will guide judge to quash the case file hopping to make some money.

Judges also did`t bothered to do much, as there were many letters/mails from various Authorities to handle my case, and in July new judge came and saw my file, for his surprise my case is pending for last 14 years…! and accused is out without bail.

As my guarantor was expired in 2010 after that there was no guarantor, nor Court asked me neither i produced anyone. so Judge asked my lawyer to call me.

As usual,whenever lawyer calls, i go and attend the date.

Judge asked us to keep the guarantor, and a Noble lady came forward and produced Bail for me.

Next day lawyer filled a petition to quash the case. judge Agreed and asked Public prosecutor send notice to her through Police and produce her.

As usual Police returned with BLANK answer accuser is not Available.

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