November 2013 – My 4th visit

Usually, Every year I travel to India 2/3 times, but this time I went to 4th time, just to meet my Son, as I informed earlier.

I dropped a Speed post, letting him know that I am coming in November 2013.

It was a Sunday, and as per High court order I can take him with me after 10Am to 3Pm.

I reached his place at 10am Sharp. I knew, they sent him to Church. When I entered their house gate, Father-out-law (FOL) was standing on their main door, may be expecting me….

I went straight in and asked.

Where is Glenn..?
hhhhhe he is gone to mass.
i informed that I am coming. I said.
he will come after mass.
i have court order that I can take him after 10am
uuummmmm…. he has no answer.
nearby, under coconut tree mother-out-law was washing clothes.
she shouted from there…”what he want ?”
Glen, he said.
so you are not allow Glenn to come with me… that it. I turned back and went to Police station.
for them, there was no chance tell anything.

i went to Police station, showed them the Court order and told the situation.
As there is already complaint against them for making Glenn Passport and giving false affidavit, Police has their phone number.
They Called Father-out-law and called him to Police station.
he didn’t came alone but they bought 2 buffalos with him, Mother-out-law and neighbor fat lady elephant.
i knew, that Fat elephant was notorious in that area.
as soon as they entered Police station, Fat elephant started to talk to police.
i asked Police, Who is she ?
she is my Cousin. Mother-out-law grumbled
i didn’t gave complaint against her, if she interfere I will put criminal case against her.
Police said, Dsa you talk.
be be be…. Father-out-law searching for words.
Police said, as per court order Father came to take his Son, if you don’t allow, we will report you did allowed and he may file case against you.
then, mother-out-law started to talk, Sir, he is allowed to talk only in summer holidays….
Police started to read Court order again.
it says, whenever he comes to India, after school, Christmas holidays….. they keep on reading
Other Police said, Call him
be be be, he is gone to Church…..FOL said
i said I have to get at 10am not after 11.30, as time was crossed 11.30 then
Get him, Police said
now they had no chance, FOL got up and said I will bring him.

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