Came Back to India 6 Time in 3 years.

Fed up with this situation and hostility of lawyer and judge I went to middle east again in December 2002 on Visit Visa, hoping to find new job.

But within one month lawyer again started to tell, court already issued summons to me, if i`m not present for next date court issue non bail able arrest warrant to me and my guarantor. That forced me again to come back to India in January 2003.

When I came back here and I found out there was no Arrest warrant or summon for me.

Till then I did nothing against her, this time I applied for Child custody and sent notice her under Reinstitute Conjugal rights, asking her to come and join me.

I waited for 4 months, till April 26th 2003, that was our Wedding anniversary. There was no sign of relief from this 498A, then decided to leave for long and went back to Middle East on 26th April 2003. thinking I’ll never come back for whatever reason my lawyer gives; but unfortunately judge issued warrant this time and I came back again 6th time in July 2003.

This time I appealed in ecclesiastical Bishop court for divorce. In July 2003.

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  1. Many of you are saying that you went back to middle east or abroad and continued your job but i was told my advocate in gujarat that once u come here minimum six months u can not even think to go back to middle east.

    Now this is ray of hope for me and excited to get some proper information so i can counter my advocate o n this subject.

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