About her.

My Missing Rib; It was Arranged marriage, My Mother sister told she knew them very well; so we did not checked anything about her.

Here is bit Details about her.

She was born in Udipi but Raised in Bombay at her Uncle home, along with 5 Cousin sisters; They Dominated her whole life so far, and she will do as they say, Thats how she stabbed me on my back.

She spend her childhood in Bombay, when child her parents abandon her and her Brother, till 13 year old she was at uncle place, so she never learnt any house hold things. Even at the time of Engagement her Mother Proudly said, my sunita doesnt know any house hold things, but she got good husband who know everything and cooking.

She was raised in alcoholic Family, her uncle start day with Alcohol. They do not celebrate any Function without Bottle. So she was thinking Drinking is Prestige and shows man capacity.

She did her degree from her native place,after her parents took her back from Uncle home.After college her one of the Friend SHETTY,arranged some Accounts job in Bombay.

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