About me.

I was born in Bombay but raised in Karkala a small town, 50 KM away from Mangalore, and passed Collage Degree from Mangalore University.
I am the middle one of 3 Children; we do not have sisters, Raised by God fearing Family. Since Beginning we used to help mother in her household things, so we mastered all house hold things, and we used to do our own, cleaning/washing/laundry.
Even today I can challenge any women in cooking or any household things.
In college also, I was not Famous, nor notorious, just an ordinary kid, mostly involved in Sports and NCC.
I have seen many had girl Friends and had sex, but no girl was dare to attach my name with her name, many called me Gandhi, but that did not change my attitude.
After college I went to Bombay, by birth place and joined Prestigious Company TELCO.
I always kept distance from Alcohol and smoke, I never had any such friends, nor we did not got any money to spend on those bad habits.

Map of My Home

2 thoughts on “About me.

  1. Why do Bad Things happen to Good People?

    We should also remember, “When we are weak, we are strong!”

    Good work, and keep up the Righteous spirit.

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