Be Alcoholic

Whenever I went to her relatives house, I used to take Cold drinks or Pepsi which she did`t liked as all of her relatives insulting me for drinking soft drinks as all of them where heavy drinkers.
She was very much friendly with one of our opposite building lady; we used to call her Bhabi; a Very Noble Maharashtrian Family;
That day she fought with me, and they saw us; then Bhabis husband came home to make us understand and settle the problem.
She told all about me, what I am doing if I go to party;

She wanted only one thing from me that I have to promise him that I will start Drinking and be alcoholic.
She Forced me to Promise him that `ill start Drinking.
I have seen many Indian women who do fasting and pray to keep their husband away from alcohol, but this lady want me toBe Alcoholic.

One thought on “Be Alcoholic

  1. Well I’ve gotten to know u and althou strong tempered u are, u are very nice and I know u wud have done anything for her or ur son. Bottom line she doesnt deserve to be with u or ur son. You are better person than her. Chia

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