Will I get Bravery Award…Letter to President of India.

with reference of this Story; the women who killed her own husband; and get Bravery Award;

I never wanted to kill my husband

I Would like to Ask you Mr.President of India.

In My 3 years of Marriage, i was abused, humiliated and Insulted in front of my own people.

Stopped me to send just 500 Rupees once in two months to my old parents

and last not least in my own house i was stranger when she stopped me to invite my parents and demanded i have to spend all money on her and her parents.

I was threatened to kill by my dear wifes cousin who killed her own Brother.

and at last i was charged with dowry prohibition Act (IPC498A) even i have not take single paise as dowry, under this Legal Terrorism i was tortured for last 7 years, Even she has not came to court for single day.

and Even today she is harassing me with your Legal Terrorism Act; Even she deserted me 7 years back.

I hereby make humble request……..

If i kill her will i get BRAVERY Award,

As a Citizen of India i have the Right to Kill Legal Terrorist.

If Yes Please Grant me Permission. or STOP this legal Terrorism.

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