its beyond my Capacity.

After so many years of struggle and harassment, when judge asked me to be present again; and said date I was present as usual.

But she was not there, as usual.

Judge has Bombay high court Order to settle this case, as I wrote to them.
He Asked Public Prosecutor to go through HC letter;
While she was reading my lawyer asked to do something on my case as there is no decision for last 7 years. And Public prosecutor also not submitted her report on this.

Judge opened his huge reference books and said;

I can not do anything in this matter, its beyond my capacity.

I just wondered if its beyond his capacity to handle and deliver judgment, then why he was handling this foolish false case for last 7 years.

To waste tax payers money;
To waste judicial time;
To delay other victims cases.

This is how Indian Law system works

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