They beat him if he take Chocolate from his Father

In September My Other Lawyer called me and said;

I have to come for Child custody case for my statement; as she never came for single date for this case also; judge never asked her lawyer to produce her but insisted to take my statement.

This is good example for biased law towards men in child custody.

This time I went with some Audio / Video recorder.

When I went to India in January 2005 I went to meet my son in his School and gave him Chocolates.

This time also in September I went with Chocolate and met him and gave the Chocolates to him,

But he refused to take it;

He was so Scared to take from me;

I asked why;

He said, his grand mother, whom he was staying, beating him if he take Chocolates or anything from me. He denied to take anything from me.

I recorded these video on my device.

On the day of my statement, her Lawyer was asking me nonsense question, when I got chance I showed this video to Judge and he shouted at her lawyer;

This is what you with the child.

Then there was no farther question from her Lawyer.

One thought on “They beat him if he take Chocolate from his Father

  1. Well done ! All victims should take lesson from you. I can’t understand why govt. not paying attention towards such crimes ? Why law not considering man as a human being ?

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