Dismiss Petition in Bombay High court

I tried in vain to dismiss my 498A, spent so much money and man hours talking and discussing;

The 2 black clad Lawyers I appointed, totally blackmailed me to make some more money but did nothing. In my absence they never appeared in court but took full money.

As my case was in alien place vasai, where I do not have relatives or anyone to follow up. I filed eFiling with Supreme Court of India, to transfer my case to my native place. After filling 3 times it came back with defects, as lawyers asking 15,000 to draft and follow-up transfer case, I dropped the idea; but SC sent letter and reminded me to refill.

Mean while with the help of Protect Indian Family (PIF) an NGO from Bombay I decided to file in Bombay High court to quash it.

I would like to name those 2 persons, who seem me hardly once or twice, came forward to help me.
I salute hereby and very much thankful to Father figure M.R.Gupta; co-director of PIF and Mr.Gokul.P.R founder of PIF.

This is one more attempt to get Justice

4 thoughts on “Dismiss Petition in Bombay High court

  1. Dear D,souza,
    Can you furnish me the name
    and e,mail address of the lawyer, who filed above petition in the Mumbai High
    court and oblige.

    Iwant to have his services.

  2. TOO BAD to be happened


    TOO GOOD you are not living with your xwife & get divorce

    I am still suffring with it

  3. Please can you also forward the name of the lawyer. My brother is going through the same nuisance.
    Can you also let me know, how many months/years the legal proceedings lasted.

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