Divorce Against my wish

I never wanted to divorce her; Even she run away with my gold / Insurance and my son;

She harassed me for last 7 years, still I wanted to take her back;

Reason ..

I do not know; WHY.

I just loved her.. I know you people laugh at me. I am a fool waiting for a women, who gone for good.

As she said when I called her; You gave me Divorce why are you calling now.?

Good Question.

I already have Divorce from Church Court..

But I went to them after 2 years of harassment and separation, asking them to make her understand and ask her to come back.

Church sent letters to her cousin sisters and dubai where she was residing and working;
Her Sisters gave written statement that they already obtained legal Divorce;
And she also said she wanted Divorce. When church was trying to compromise;

Later Church said; when they themselves demanding why are you after her; let her go; and granted me Divorce.

Same Time I appealed in judiciary court for Re Institute Conjugal Rights; asking her to come back, as she has no right to stay away from me when she was married to me.

But my plea end up in deaf ears;

After one and half years Judge himself told proceed with Divorce. After, all our legal procedures like notice / News paper publication. Etc.

I asked them to send her back; Instead I got ..Divorce Against my wish.

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