Do not cook; let’s see what he is doing.

On June 10th Saturday, as usual we went Saturday Evening mass, came home, had food which we prepared in the Afternoon and at night she wanted to call her mother, at that time we had no Telephone at home so we went to Public phone booth. There was parallel line and I said I also wanted to talk to her mother. She was talking when finished she said to her mother I wanted to tell something. Immediately her mother said am I still complaining that she is not cooking and all that, if he still say that, “do not cook lets see what he is doing.???

I Repeat,

“Do not cook; let’s see what he is doing.???

Her Mother did`t know I’m listening on the other end.

I said I have nothing to say.

That was starting point of End of our Marriage.

I did not tell this to anyone, even my parents. It was her mother misguiding her mostly and this dumb, was doing as her mother says, without thinking it’s her marriage and she will lose it.

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