Moral of the Story

After 7 months of my marriage I found some similarities. Here I am not comparing my wife with eX, coz my wife has far better morals than eX.
I heard from many All women are same, but now I’m sure after living with Two.

What I learnt from my relation is;

They Never Change their attitude.
They get angry when you expose them.
You should not or Never tell them you are right in other words, tell her she was wrong. it means Praise her even she is wrong.
What is hers is hers and your everything is hers too.

I am not on Fault finding mission, coz my nature is when I see something wrong I tell anyone they are wrong, coz I expect the same so I can change myself when I made mistake and I admit it and correct it.

But women, no way.

It is not impossible things to change oneself; when matter is very silly one.

This example apply to both of my better half and bitter half.

I asked on net, what is the correct way to take tooth paste of tube;
95% said press from back its will comes out from front.
some said “I press anywhere paste comes out” coz their mother never told them right way, coz she herself did not know.

anyway both of my women taking paste from front and I told them the right way….

alas…. they got angry….. but hardly changed their attitude.

another example….

We dry cloths in sun, I told them turn inside out all dark colored cloths, coz in sun it will fade.

No need to say they got angry and changed their attitude, they did it when I am home but they never listened to my words.

with this I proved not only they hardly change their attitude and get angry, but they use this when they want to make angry and never try to find out what’s right way.

There are many other big mistakes I do not want to write here, as they refuse to admit these silly mistakes, how can they change impossible one.

Moral of the story, Every Dog tail is BEND

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