Effect of the Medicine

On 24th morning, Saturday; as Kuwait is 2.30 hours behind Indian Time. My Indian Mobile was continuously ringing.
It was from Land line.
I saw Location code

And it was from Shirva, Her native Place, where she kept my son for ransom. With her control freak Mother and Mothers puppet husband, her Father.

I knew something happened. May be my medicine showing its effects.

Next day when I went to Office my Better half gave miscall to call her.
When I called her she said, previous day Police came to serve a Notice that, there is enquiry on my complaint against my Bitter half my ex and I have to be present. And she gave Police number if I wanted to talk to them.
Police came to my house because there was no Contact number other than postal address.
If they came all the way, 15-20 kilometer away from shirva, then matter is serious.

May be they have Order from Above, as I wrote up to DELHI.

Later I called Shirva Police, and they informed me that there is investigation on 31st August.

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