On Fathers Day

June 19th, today is Father’s Day.

“I felt his absence. And I wonder what my life would have been like had he been a greater presence, more and more kids grow up without a father figure. Others miss a father who’s away.” Obama said in his weekly radio and Internet address a day before Father’s Day in the United States.

There are often situations and times, when children forget to hug their dad, kiss and tell him that they love him like they do to their mothers. Most of us would agree that, we assume our father to be the provider for the family. From the time, when we worship our beloved pops for all that he knew and all that he could, we move on to become a rebellious teenager, when we make it a point to argue about everything and anything that he advises to us.

Father plays a very special role in the life of his children. He is the protector, a caretaker, the financial and moral support and most importantly, the support pillar of their life. He would not hesitate to sacrifice his desires in order to fulfill the wishes of his family. He dedicates a significant period of his life in nurturing his kids, unless they become self-sufficient in all respects. When he is working, he would burden himself with all his family’s responsibilities and after retirement from work, he would ensure that he is no more a burden for his grown up kids.

A father is the most important person in every one’s life. Apart from donning the cap of a father, he is also our friend, philosopher, guide and most importantly, our role model. So, a day dedicated to fathers, gives us an opportunity to thank him for being there every time. Father’s Day is a day to commemorate fatherhood, which is incomparable.

Today i miss my Dad, as he left us long back, as he was completed his duty on this earth and now he away from all the pain and suffering of this cruel World. But for me hard to say “ADEUS Father” coz he is still with me and now i know Value of his presence when i became a father.

I not only miss my Father but i miss my son too.
Maybe he is not aware his Father still think about him, fight for visitation with biased laws of India.
Maybe he is not aware of all this;
Maybe he is thinking i abandon him, as people around tell him the same, they never tell he was abducted from my custody and kept away from me by force.

Someday he will know the truth, when i am not around to say “I LOVE YOU SON“, I Miss you.
Or May be its too late, him to say. ADEUS.

Still; i always pray for him, to give him strength to overcome all his troubles and problems in life and bless him.

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