February 2013.

I went again to India in February, one month after my last visit, so i informed my lawyer to pass the message to my Ex, that i am coming to take my son on weekend.

When i reached India and called my lawyer about message i wanted him to convey.

He said her lawyer is not taking call, i never know my lawyer called her lawyer or not, as my Lawyer was acting strange after i went to Bangalore and met him at the time of Media coverage.

As in middle east its Friday/Saturdays are weekends, so most of the time we take Thursday Flights and reach India on Friday morning. i Called my lawyer as soon as i reached India, then again in Evening same day, but my lawyer was not taking calls, as he knows i keep on calling till he convey message.

Next day on Saturday also i called my lawyer and he was not taking my calls at all, as i have to deposit my Passport with Police if i am going to take my son out on Sunday.

I tried many time to reach my Lawyer and he was simply ignoring my calls. As i was there for only one week, so i missed this time also to meet my Son.

Next week i came back without meeting my Son.

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