Caste no bar, sex bar bar

?You can Hide the truth, but you cann`t erase it

i asked many newly married men, how much sex is not forced sex…?

All are maried for last 3 to 5 years.

Some said, for the 1st year, those wives are not got pregnent had sex,sometimes 3 times a day, or at least one a day.

Few of them, said they had sex 5 to 8 times in 1st night…!

Still their wives had no Problem…..

I met one of our neighbor, her old one of the best frind, she told, my ex was accusing me, that i was forcing her for sex.

but for her surprise i had a calender where i listed all the dates, we had sex, it comes 118 times in 3 years, that mean once in a week.
As per others caluculation, as they has sex 3 times a day 1st few months of marriage that comes 90 Times in a singe month, and his wife has no complain about thier sex life, or its not a forced sex.

Then how come my 118 times in 3 years encounter is a FORCED sex…?

meanwhile, when i went to her city, to meet my grndfather,and met one of her nighbor lady, whom we call BBC, she came running to me, and saw here and there, and asked what had happend to my case.

she said very slowly, you broke her with her not because of her colleage Affair right ? or…. did you knew has one shetty boy……!

i asked why did`t you told me this before,so you also knew this,

We thought you should have know, and enquiried about it, she said.

yea we knew, that why we broke……

After all this,

now everyone knows, she had Affair, for some she is saying i was forcing sex with her.
and for others, she was telling i was having Affair. when she had one.

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