Forgive her

When she and her relatives send men to kill me; and that made me to run away from Vasai; when police were not co-operating, even when I was telling the truth. As in Indian hindi Movies police comes after murder; till then they will not do anything.

My dad came to airport to say Goodbye;

He felt uneasy and he could not talk when I departed; but later I found out that, when I left, he had his 1st stroke.

He always worried about me and this 498A. He did Everything to convince many people and he always talked about it. He came with to court also and waited whole day.

After 4 year or so when I came down 6th time for court date; I consulted with him what to do about it; when there was no ray of hope nor any sign of quashing this 498a. and one of the lawyer said we have to counter charge them, when she is not coming to court;

For that my Dad said;

NO; Forgive her;

She do not know what she has done Forgive her and let her go.

I knew my Dad nature; Even after so many years of harassment he was telling Forgive her.

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