Tribute to Father.Peter Bombacha

I was shocked to find out online News after so many Months after Brutal Murder of Vasai priest Fr.Peter Bombacha.
My Prayers to his Departed Soul. I did not felt so sad Even When my Dad Died.

When i was stuck with false case, as we are new to Vasai and we did not know much People at Vasai, My Dad took me to his one and only known Person, That’s the Fr.Bombacha. My dad was Worried as i am All alone in Vasai. When we met Father he told My Dad, Son Do not worry, here after you are not his Father, He is my son. Go in Peace.

I never seen a Priest Like Fr.Bombacha, He was just Ordinary Priest who was living on Dry Previous day Leftover Bread Pieces, He was always so Nice and Kind to me, Even there were thousands people waiting to meet him, he was asking me to come in and sit next to him, Even some local people staring at me who were waiting there for hours to meet him.

He was only Priest who really worked for the Poor People without expecting anything in return from them. When i went to see him once, he said let’s make Tea,s o i said i will make it, as he was attending some sick people, when i went to Kitchen there was little milk which is enough for one person that also there were so many Ants in it and hardly any sugar. He was living on the Food given by others. But unfortunately Todays news says he was murdered for money or some Robbery.

I am sure it was not about Money, but it’s his Good Name and Fame Killed him; and People cannot see someone getting good name for Helping Poor.


Pray for me Father.

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