Give me Money, i`ll Bring the Alcohol

Her Father came to Bombay to check how we are, after 2 months of marriage. As she was reporting Everything, whatever happened at home, Even her sister knew about our Personal Life, Sex, where we made love and how and her Cousin sister was Questioning me.

When she told “she is not my slave to do house hold things” I told this to her Cousin Sister, but she laughed at me; same I called her mother and told at the same time. But she did`t uttered anything against her.

After her Father came to Bombay, I invited him for lunch, he came shamelessly before marriage also when I was staying alone, that time I did`t know he will not have food without alcohol.

But this time, I said, I `ll not entertain anyone with Alcohol, as I do not drink and I do not allow to bring it into my home.

She was furious and said, if you are not bringing no Problem, Give me money ill bring.

I was so shocked, coz I have`t been to Any Bar/pub or any liquor shop till that day.

Her words made me to go and bring alcohol.

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