Whatever happens, happens for Good

When wheels of a cart refused to move together, it will breakaway or standstill.

I asked once to my Ex wife, when we were together, when i was planning to Migrate to Australia, i asked her willingness.
she said ” If you want to go, you go, i will not come, i wanted to be with my People and Parents.

Same question i asked my wife few days back, and she replied.
Wherever you go, I will follow you.”

This is one of the example when i tried to compare, whether I lost something with my divorce or Gain with my current marriage.

My ex never knew where kitchen is till her marriage, same, when i went to my wife sister house unexpectedly, i found my wife in Kitchen doing something.

After my Divorce, I have gone through almost 200 girls Profiles, to find suitable match and exchanged mails and details online, but most of the Girls asked only one thing, we will not stay at your mother place, we want separate house from Day one, or you have to take us with you and i am lucky to have one who never asked all these things, nor even after a month after marriage my wife is not ready to make passport, she thinks, if she make passport i will take her with me to Kuwait against her wish.

I am not praising my wife, but i am writing facts and truth.
she leaves behind her old mother, who is on medication, and goes to my parents house, from there she manage my farm house and looking after construction of our new Dream house. She never asked this or demanded, but i Promised her new house in 6 months. coz i got dowry from her.
Not one but 2 times.
Her beloved 2 Dogs, she wanted to bring with her to our new home.

Now i am sure i am not only lucky but blessed one as whatever happens, happens for good

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  1. I am really proud of you. You are gentle and you are lucky too get the right person in your life.

    All the best and have a good and happy married life – deep from my heart.- for a good soul on this earth.

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