Harassment by Judge / Lawyer

Only few people knew where I went; not even informed my Company; they sent notice to my native address if I do not report within 14 days they will terminate me. I asked one of my Colleague Zubin sarbanwala to submit resignation behalf of me; after 2 months I resigned from TELCO.

Later I found job in Middle East; but I did`t told this to my Lawyer; I was absent for 2 months; when my friend Ratnakar Nair Called him, he threatened him and told if I do not come for next date, court will issue arrest warrant for me and police can arrest my guarantor who gave Bail, my Uncle. This made me to come back to India.

On 26th January 2001, 1st time I came back to India from Abroad; and same trend repeated after every 3 months.
On 26th April 2001 I came again second time after spending 25,000 just for air Ticket;

Then in July 2001.

But she never came to court at once.

Judge never asked her to be present; nor my Lawyer asked judge.

If I’m not present for one court Date, judge issued arrest warrant for me. Like that till October 2002, judge issued 3 Arrest warrants for me, but never questioned her, or why she is not coming to court.

My Lawyer was always trying to make some more money, he was always threatening saying, and police can arrest and jail me without bail for 3 years.

Whenever my Friend calling him to ask next court date, he was not aware, when is the next court date, as he hardly attended any court dates and requested judge to ask her to be present.

My Lawyer took his full payment on 1st court date itself. But in return he did not do worth 1% of money he took.

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