She Knew Very well how to harass me;

If she do not get whatever she wanted; then she started to things which are irritating me;

When I watch TV, suddenly changing channel

Wasting water, as we were paying for every littler and its tanker water;

Switch on Fan and keep it running even no one is there;

Deliberately banging doors;

Dropping things;

Murmuring; grumbling;

Keeping things here and there;

Throwing her dress and things everywhere,

As I am very much neat and clean and punctual and she knew I do not like all these things.

Whole day spending at sister house, and coming home just half an hour before I come;

Sometimes call me at office and telling she is staying at her sister house, even I do not have house keys, I have to take keys from neighbors. Even we were visiting her sister every week.

One thought on “Harassment

  1. My wife harsh me always she well known how me and my family irrited.
    She make demand money when I am in tight postion and make demand again and then I take money at inttrest from bank or from goldsmith and she always abuse me and my family and make dipperision on everybody mind. And her mother father teach her what to do. And this is happen from six years I have to child. Now they threat and blame on my father that they filed case of sexual harrsment. I am at my job in Jaipur and my family at Batala Punjab

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