Her Brother Called me DOG…

After this incident, we stayed as strangers under one roof;
No talk for a week;
Then her Father came to Vasai for her Aunties monthly mass. She also went to mass and she home along with her 7/8 relatives at 10.30PM

As soon as they entered home her Father started to abuse me;
Her Brother wanted to beat me and shouting at me, he called me by names and DOG.
Her sisters started to tell something..
Her Sister Husband was also murmuring something
They were cursing my parents..
She was insulting my Brother.

And I was alone.

Their this drama went till 11.30, for their every word and curse she was laughing loudly
Till I showed what she is doing?

Even that day, she left her monthly menstrual pad in Bathroom and it was there only.

That was ultimate, to show how dirty and lazy she is.

They threatened me no to tell about her past to anyone and they can do anything, break my limbs or throw acid on my face

At around 11.30 they left

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