Her Past…….!

After 2 years of marriage we went to her native place Church fest;
As my mother is from same parish I also knew many people from her place.
After mass I was standing with some of my friends and she was little far away with other women she knew. Then one of my friends friend came to us and started to talk, he saw my wife, but he did`t know I married to her. I think my wife and he studied in same year and college. He knew her very well and how notorious she was. He started to tell about her without knowing I married to her.

I do not want to tell what he told just to protect her chastity.

My friend was trying to change the subject, but that guy was keeps on saying about her, without knowing i`m her husband. Then I told him, i`m her husband after hearing many things.

His last words were;

Oh man you should have checked with us..

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