Complaint against Daughter-In-Law

After 5th Reply letter from President of India, My Mother Wrote to Home Department, As Presidencial secreteriate Directed to approch Home Department. with 15 Days of Letter My Mother Received Acknowledge letter from Home Department ( Ref:CPGRAMS Reg.No:MINHA/E/2008/00047 Dt.29.05.2008).

Promising Appropriate Action to be taken and reply to be submited to Home Department and petitioner.

2 thoughts on “Complaint against Daughter-In-Law

  1. Its a Really Great Job done, Many Congrates from my side also. Really Strict Punsiahment should be given to such girls who unneccessarily harresed their In-Laws and husband.

  2. It is a great waste of time and energy to write to the President or anybody else against woman. They simply send an acknowledgmentand and never act.
    My wife has sent a complaint to all of them nine months back, and in the name of action only acknowledgements have come. Looks like this Govt. has to go for the machinery to work.

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