How it Started

After Marriage we have a custom to invite newly wed couple for lunch or dinner;

So After our wedding we were invited by many in my native place when we were in native place for one week.

I hardly go to others house for eat, so I did`t go, other than my Brothers wife home and her uncle house, as my all neighbors also invited us, I nicely refused, same her neighbors also invited us. We were at native place only one week after marriage. She was angry I did make it to her neighbors invitation.

After we came to Bombay, her cousin sisters and other relatives invited us and we went. but at get together when I took cold drinks only as I do not drink beer or and alcohol, they started to tease me its child drink, still I was there in every party her side hosted.

My Relatives of Bombay also invited us, but she was not ready to come, Other than relatives my Godfather invited but she bluntly refused to come with me and I went alone, just because, I did not went for her neighbors invitation;

My godfather, asked me why she did`t came,
I told them, she is not well;
I lied for her, hiding truth.

This was the Starting point, and started showup differences between us.

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