I have a DREAM…

So far she tried to ruin my Life, Marriage.
They wanted burn down all my Dreams and Future.

But I rose up from unburnt Ashes. Still, today i have Family, BIG house and wonderful Children.
I only lost my few Valuable years.
And those beautiful days playing with Child Glenn, Hope he too missed it.

There is no one to guide him, nor talk at home than 2 old owls.
Neighbors seen sometimes he wash his Cloths and Bring Ration too.
This year he is in 10th, but he don’t even know what Email is and what Google is.

They kept him in darkness. And filling him with hatred against me only.

Now I will not allow that.
I don’t want him to be WELDER, WAITER or WIREMEN.

Her Father was a WELDER
Her Brother-in-law was a WAITER
And her Brother is an ELECTRICIAN.

I have a Dream for GLENN, my Son.

One thought on “I have a DREAM…

  1. brings tears to my eyes
    i have a 4.5 years old daughter
    i can feel your agony

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