Israel, Palestine and Indian Men.

Indian men life is like struggle between Israel and Palestine. Palestinians always claim that surrounding area of Jerusalem belongs to them and Blame Israel to occupy it, but Israel claim, there is no question of occupying it, its belongs to them as they are invited to be in so called land of Palestine with all its modern Fire power and military might.

Same applies to Indian men too, Mother (Palestinians) Claim her son life belong to her but his wife claim he belong to her. Fight between Israel and Palestinians it is the Land which divided and ruined, but try to control over Jerusalem (Mans assets) and whatever he gave or giving away to his brothers and sisters, Mother will not object to that. As so called land of Palestine was divided and distributed to Jordon, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Lebanon, but Palestinians will not claim that land, if you see centuries old map of Middle East these countries never existed but carved out of Land called Palestine. So Indian men Mother has no objection if her son gives anything to his brothers and sisters, but she is not happy when Israel won it. Rule over it and control.

Indian men wives has modern power and external support too like Israel, as it’s her birth right to have control over it.As she was invited to make her life with her husband, As Israel was created under British mandate, later it claimed more land when all the Arabs attacked Israel in 1967.Same when Indian women (Israel) was oppressed and under control of Arab states, she was given new weapons and tools to defend herself. It all started to from abolish Sati then came 498A (nuclear Power) and DVA so on.

Now Israel has modern equipment’s and nuclear Power, same Indian women too, she will use any of the laws designed for her any time. Even she knows it will destroy herself and ruin her life.

So this Struggle between Mother and wife just like Israel and Palestinians.

As an Indian Man, this applies to me too. I own a farm land which has verities of fruits, coconuts and other things, so far only my Mother was managing things from this farm. But now Israel occupied it, and Israel thing it belong to her, even she knows Palestine (Mother) is part. When i ask her call my mother and ask her if she want anything, but she (Israel) Avoid to call my mother to ask her if she need anything from my farm. Both try to control sorry blackmail me emotionally just to control me.

So now you know how Israel and Palestine is related to Indian Men.

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