What irritates a Women

What makes a women irritate more about her husband ?

By default women think, man should not question her whatever she says, which she pretended to be true and he has to agree.
This is from my experience, whenever women says something you have to admit as she is right, if you counter question her you are gone.

We are three Brothers, For example, If the issue is about swimming then,
Elder Brother think, He should read and know about swimming before getting into water,
Younger Brother think, “Unless he know the swimming he will not get into water” [ How to learn swimming without getting into the water ? thats secondery]
I am the middle one think differently, “Why not jump in to the Water and know what swimming is” my nature is not like says “YES BOSS” for everything. I was having WHY for everything.

Whoever says anything, I was checking that with WHY ?

Why so ?
Why not ?

it is not matter to believe in women words or not, it’s my nature, as I knew many things, facts about normal day to day life, so women can’t just fool me with anything.

Thats made me BAD man for them

so Even I’m not at Fault I was wrong. for them.

I see so many Pathetic men who has no voice to say, RIGHT is Right when his women says its wrong.

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