Justice delayed but Never Denied

My new Lawyer Submitted appeal to drop the case as she did not came for single date for last 7 years.

Judge asked Public Prosecutor to work on it and report him;

Next date was on 5th of January 2006 Public Prosecutor asked one more month to come to an conclusion.

Next date was on 10th February and that Public Prosecutor him self was absent to court.
So I got one more date on 1st March 2006.

And I came to know that Public Prosecutor him self changed this time and new Public Prosecutor asked 3 more months to verify this case

And next date will be on 9th June 2006.

Justice delayed but Never Denied…..

In India justice Delayed till you die with harassment and humiliation….

still they say

Justice delayed but Never Denied….

Our Great Indian Law system is doing justice to me far last 7 years


last 7 years, even she did not came for single date…….

Still Public Prosecutor want more time to know, that this case is TRUE or FALSE……..

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