Kanoon ke Haath

Whenever I am in the court for my 498a case, Judge assistance a lady Remember my name and ask Peon to take out my case file from a cupboard. Very few recall my name, as it is not usual one and for other community than Christians it is difficult to remember too. Still she pronounces correctly as soon as she sees me.

She is Very much sympathetic to me; she says come regularly and finish off this matter.
I said, Madam I do not want to quash this case, I want to bring her to court to face the trial.
We sent notice, now we are waiting for Police report, if they failed to produce her we will make it Non Bailable and send search warrant.”Kanoon ke haath bahut lambe hothe hain“. and it will take time.

As she knows, its totally false case, and she is aware there are many Legal terrorists misusing this law to harass men.

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