Letters to President of INDIA.

After I returned back in July 2003 I started to write mails to Law Authorities and President of India.

This is the letter I wrote to President of India.

I’m a victim of IPC-498a, as you know many women are misusing it now.
I swear, I never took or demanded single paise as dowry; also I spent half Expenses of marriage. After 3 years of marriage I found out my wife’s Affair, so she lodged false 498a in June 2000, But After that she never came to the court to prove her claim. If she was really harassed, she would have came every court date, but court also never asked her prove her claim. Only I’m getting date after date, for last 4 years.

Court turn blind eye on this, Becoz she is a woman,
why as a citizen of India, men do not have right to live.
When law harass its citizens.

If she is True and her Complaint was not False why she is not coming to court for last 4 years.

Hope your will help me and other victims of 498a.

That was not only one letter.

I wrote it Every Day.
till i get Reply from President of India on 12/April/2004.

Anyone can write to President of India here on his site

Or From Write to President of India

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  1. This is very common problem in present . I can’t understand why govt. not paying attention towards this serious problem. Why advisory & Govt. don’t think that man is also a human being. He is not a ATM machine or a Robot who cares for all but not need care from others.

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