False Truths

Day comes after every night, Sometimes its short, sometimes its very long, but my Day came after 12 years of Struggle in Custody case.

Father is a Natural Guardian, but in India that’s in Law Books and Name sake only. Women can take and keep child with her without any court order. but for Father he has to fight it out for decades.

She tried many ways to prevent me from meeting my son;

In Lower Court, she said, I am Alcoholic, Womeniser and have / had Affair in my working Place. but none applies to me that she also knew very well.

She runaway with my Gold, Valuables and Insurance Certificates. Indian Women, do not want their husband, but when they leave, they take all the Gold, husband gave along with husbands or his Mother, Sisters Gold/Valuable too; that shows their nature, when you don’t want your man, why you want his Valuables ?

Her Parents Stopped me from my every attempt to meet my son, in last desperate, Pathetic situation in Front of chief Justice, her Father lied too, Saying, “I came with thugs and Banging on their door, that’s why they did not allowed me to meet Glenn”

Before that, they had different version of statement, They did not allowed me to meet, coz they were not aware of the judgment, As judgment was passed in December 2010, and her lawyer took certified copy next day of the Judgment and i went to meet Glenn in February 2011, they were very well aware of the judgment, Her Father even asked me where is passport deposited proof, but when Judge ask they told lies after lies.

They can hide all these truths, now Glenn is Grownup, he will understand, and sooner than later he will find out the truth, which all these years she wanted to Hide.

That’s the ultimate nightmare, when he ask Question, and that’s the Time for TRUTH and she will search for answerers.

and whatever lies they told in court are recorded in her Petition, and Story of Thugs, Glenn himself witnessed.

DIANA, You can Hide the Truth, but You cannot Erase it.

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  1. Keep faith,,one day definitely ur son will back to you,, blood attracts,,not repeals,,it’s a tight bonding,,,but have to wait,,,,my good wishes with you….

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