Lost, Who ?

When two elephants fight, it is the grass suffers; Hope Everyone heard this Swahili Proverb.

In our fight, it is our SON, suffered. He is the one, who missed Father LOVE and Affection; she knows this better, how much I cared for him.

Now after announcing my next marriages, I found her entry logged almost every day on my Blog….


Whatever, as I go by rules, I did impossible things to make her understand, and begged to come back, Even there was no?
Chance, once anyone goes to jail, there is no chance left to compromise. Still I wrote to everyone of her family to make her?understand, as I wrote earlier, I did my duty, now I have my life. Why should I suffer?

I do not blame her but make her responsible for my lost years, and also for my son, lose Present and Future.

She may have sob story to tell that I did nothing, but I have all the proofs, and legal document to prove her wrong. She may thought, I will start drinking, and broken, but I did well in my job and work place and perform better than before.

But why she filed 498a (Dowry case) is a Mystery, she did not achieved anything than Divorce, and I am sure she enjoyed her?FREEDOM, away from family and just 2 year old son. May be her Attitude of Revenge towards me kept away herself, enjoying son?Childhood. She may be having some Dirham’s but at what cost?

Now 498A is not a threat to me, as last time Judge himself said angrily, and issued summons to her, if I wish I can charge?Her any time, as she can’t withdraw herself, as of now, Indian judiciary stand towards women is changing and there are Verdict punishing so called Misusers of 498A, Even 2 Parties filed Damage worth 1 CRORE rupees for harassment and false?



As I announced my wedding within next 3 months, now only 2 months left, I hereby glad to announce that but I am not sad to tell my next wife names also SUNITA.

This name will not remind me my past, but it?s a reminder to do better, and now I can say….

When two Elephants make LOVE, also it is the grass suffers…..

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  1. Gr8 that again you are gonna to marry SUNITA and hope her birthday is not on 11/09.
    Best of luck for this new beginning.

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