if you really love him, let him go.

After Glenn left.
i got up and said “Thank you” to Police
there were 5 Police, so far all others are sitting away and only 2 were talking, came together in front me and asked me to sit
I told for how long I am fighting this case
what I did
how much I spent, 10 lakh deposit and all in short
You still have chance, one Police said
he hardly seen you, so he is behaving like that
i have not seen this boy around, one Police said
he is not allowed, I said
you are wasting your time and money another police said.
No boy is dare to talk to Police, or answer as he answered, we clearly see he is Forced say, whatever he said
now, he said, he do not want to meet you, he is grownup now, he may be forced to say so, but he will remember, sooner or later he will find the truth, you have right to meet him, because you want to meet him, show him, you care for him and love him; but they will force him to tell all this, he thinks you are trouble for him and harassing him, even he love to meet you and be with you.
Now he has to listen to them, as he is depending on them, they may not feed him, beat him or threaten with something and he is afraid.
What they are doing is a crime and is not able to express his fears, for years they brain washed him, so he has to listen to them.
Senior Police paused and said.

If you really love him, let him go.

Tears came in my eyes.
Police were expecting something from me.
YES, I really love him. I got up walked away from Police station, now there was no control for tears……
I walked away towards main road. And started to walk towards Karkla, as no bus was coming to go to home.

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