Marriage Proposals..

Meanwhile; many proposals came on my way, Even my divorce is not final and i`m not even interested in second marriage.

My friends adviced me, not all marriages are failing..

Not all girls are BAD;

Not all Mother in Laws involve, in thier daugther family and misguide her

There are good girls and Good In laws out there….Bla bla..

Even they were ready to help me finding so called good girls, and some bought me some spicy proposals.

I never said all girls are bad or all women are bad, if you gone through my old posts, i even said my eX is good. I Never asked, questioned or suspected her, but she her self proved.

so continue with this marriage proposal…

with all the proposals?friends gave; i wanted to talk to them directly;

I told them, i`m very strigt forward man; i have many questions before i proceed.

They all agreed to answer all my questions.

so to begin with, i sent them one question before sending my long list of question paper.

I never suspected anyone, nor i did not asked them;

that they slept with anyone else, but i asked.


none returned my question, nor approched me afterwards.

Here again, these so called good girls proved themself…..!

2 thoughts on “Marriage Proposals..

  1. the girl who will say NO to this Question, will be either bold or very very cunning

  2. I really admiring your firm will to keep your first marriage. Nowadays, hard to find good man like you.

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