I don’t want to meet him

As I went to India fourth time in 2013 to meet my Son and went to his house, after big drama, Police instructed Father-out-law(FOL) to bring Glenn to Police Station within 10 minutes.
Now Mother-out-law(MOL) started to grumble again with Sobbing voice.
He wanted marry again, that’s why he left him, he has son now, we raised him for many years, now he came, asking for him bla bla.
I wanted to tell, ask your daughter, what Shetty was doing when I was not at home…..? But I said to Police, if she utters one more word I will file damage, defamation under section….. Even my sentence complete Police raised finger and said Amma…!
Noise was muted
FOL was back in 7 minutes.
I was sitting one side of the room, where others cannot see when enter,
As soon as Glenn entered there he said like a puppet “I don’t want to meet him
I was expecting that.
Police asked him to sit
Where you went ?
Your Father came to meet you.
Talk to him
he informed you right ?
then why you went to Church and came late
i was having catechism
there is mass at 7am also, I said
i went to children mass, Glenn said without turning back to see from where my voice came
Maybe he is so afraid to see, or he may be ordered to not to see me.
“I don’t want to meet him”
Now Police turn towards me with a question mark in his eyes
That’s what I wanted, now I have proof and Police witness, that he was forced to say so.
I waved my hand to FOL, he understood what I will do next and it’s time to go.
Police again said
He came from far away, just to meet you.
I said “LET HIM GO” with heavy voice
Now FAT elephant got up and said “ya ya” to MOL
And in no time all of them are disappeared.

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