Her Mother, My ex Mother-out-law, always swears and say with neighbors’ and others that they will raise my son with morals and Good education.

When I went to India this time, one of her neighbor told this to me and that made me laugh loudly. Confused informer asked what happened.

I asked her, they give good Education? This Mother-out-law, Failed to Provide Education to her own son who never passed 8th Standard and other one never seen college steps, do you think she will give Good Education to my son…?

Yea that’s true…. she said.

I continued. Whenever I went to My Ex`s sister-out-laws house for party or Function, her 5 year old son always fighting for colored thing his father drink, no need to say alcohol, Instead scolding him, they used to give him a Glass with BEER.

BEER to a 5 year old….imagine…..

That’s the morals she is talking about, I asked.

That’s old story, no need to ask anyone, next time when rag picker or those batliwala comes, ask him how many bottles he got from my Father-out-laws house. Every evening before dinner he want some TONIC and he is drinking in front of my son; that’s moral she is talking about?

That lady know, if she stand there I will continue this long, she said, she remembered some urgent work and left.

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  1. i’m about to pass out reading all these things that go on. it only seems like a tip of an iceberg. why are some women so stubborn and fearless as to their own future?! O God help us!!

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