Sleeping with a murderer

No Good mother or Noble women will hide Father name the Child or details from her Child, Only Prostitutes will not reveal, because they are not certain who fathered her Child. If a women do not disclose Fathers details to child, she is either Prostitute or worst than Prostitute, that’s upto reader to decide.

In Glenn Custody Case, when judge asked him, to go with his Father, Glenn said he doesn’t know his father and has not seen his Father so far, when judge said, he came to you, to take you, talk to you…. for that Glenn said, No one tell him, who came to talk to him.

it is Mothers duty to tell who is the Father, and show photos if any.

In Glenn case he is not only filled with wrong image of his Father, by his Grand parents, who kept him on ransom, as his mother is Golden egg laying hen, with her money they live lavishly, as their sons are not capable to send any money nor they have morals to inform / Invite their parents for their weddings either.

Anyway its not a trend of Glenn mother but her cousin Rachel too, She along with her lover(Now Husband) killed her own Brother, when her husband went to jail, she abandoned her Child with her sister and went abroad, after 7 years when her murderer husband released from jail, she came back and joined him, and staying in same house with her sister, even her son was adopted by her sister was in same house never called him as her son, nor she show any love towards him.

But she has reason to hide, that she slept with a murderer.

Sooner than later Both will find out who their Father is, and there will be judgement.

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