My Move

After came back to Kuwait, I told my Bombay Lawyer, go ahead and file for Quash 13 years of 498A in Bombay HC.

So far I was waiting to make World Record in longest running 498A.

I wanted to show the World, how biased Indian Law is. Even Complainant is not coming to Court for 13 long years, still Indian Blind Judges will not understand it’s a false case.

At the same time I filed a RTI with Regional Passport Office Bangalore. For all the certified copies of Glenn Passport Application.

Within in 10days I received reply from RPO to send 44Rs for all the copies. And I sent immediately and within next 12 days I was having all the pages of the Application.

Same time in Bombay HC, my quash Petition scrutiny was over and it was on board.


Immediately I sent many Complaints to various Authorities.

Superintendent of Police.
Thane Passport Office.
Bangalore Passport Office.
Ministry of External Affairs – New Delhi.
Indian Embassy in Dubai.
Inspector General of Police (Western Range – Mangalore)
Central Information Commission (CIC) – Complaint against Thane RPO.

3 thoughts on “My Move

  1. dr dsouza had said that glenn was not his son when he was born then fought for custody his son for 13 long years . . is he ok?

  2. Sunita Suaris, whatever you wrote is now a valid proof of mental cruelty to get Divorce, it has your IP, name and Email, We will do the Needful

  3. Crusader; Look like someone is doing lot of research on you, 498A and Custody case, there is possibility that you may get another Bonus case soon.

    Anyway now you know what to do and how to royally F$$$$ these bit##$.

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