Mystery Man

Once I was returning from Office;
I met my neighbor on the way near our home.
He asked me, where i`m coming from, I said Office;
He said, he saw me afternoon at our door step, thinking I took off today.
Then I said, may be some guest came home I think

When I came home, thinking some guest should be there;
But no one was there.
I did`t asked her who had come; because I did`t know someone came in my absence.
But when I saw 2 Tea cups in the kitchen, which we used to give to guest only. We have our own cups, those are special cups. That made me to ask..

If anyone, any guests came home?

She said NO.

I seen those cups many times before also, but I never thought someone came home, until my neighbor told me.

If some of her Relative was coming home then why she deny;

Why she was hiding it from me.

I never able to findout who was that mystery man and Mystery of coffee cups

One thought on “Mystery Man

  1. You will have to hire a detective agency’s help OR have a discreet friend in your neighborhood to keep a close watch/record (even by mobile camera) over several days (Photographs, Description, TIME IN/OUT, etc).

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