It is with police when she first files complaint;
when I told truth about my case to police that, she run away with my gold and valuables police did`t asked her instead they charged me with extra IPC; that I’m misleading the police.

After 498a also I told Judge I never took or demanded any money and she is not coming to court for last 7 years still he is not ready to do anything.

In divorce case also she never submitted any statement or counter statement as per rule its exparte and it’s almost 7 years after separation still judge says why so HURRY. And lawyer asks money for every date.

In child custody she came to count after 3 years and asked judge long date and she got it. but I went to India 5 times just attend court date; if I give any reason judge threaten my lawyer that he will finalize and give custody and support to her.

It is not LAW; it is the Authority who misuses laws.

All Authority try to make money;

Afater my Arrest in 498A,police took my valet and returned it after i wa released but when police gave me back my valet infront of me he took 200 Rupees without asking anything and i was so helpless to tell anything to him than keep quite.

for Lawyer also;once you paid his Advance to take your case, you are stuck with him and he will keep on harass you and drag the case as much as possible, and take money for every date.
I think both judge and Lawyers are involved in the money sharing racket otherwise why my 7 year old case is not settled Even she did not came for single date.

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