Oil Massage

She left her job, as that company is not giving more maternity leave for than 2 months. I am always grateful for that she sacrificed her job for family; but she was not happy with that, has happened.

She changed completely after Delivery;

Grumbling and breaking things, doing things which irritate me more;
Calling home for every things; asking advice from her sister and mother; Even if I say same thing she will not listen.

The day she calls home, she started to pickup fight with me for small reason. If I do not do anything she used to bring broom or anything which she can lift and giving it in hand and holding my hand and beating herself. Then calling her mother or sister and telling them I am beating her. I did`t told these things to my parents; that was the mistake.

Always insist me on to make more gold and comparing other women with more gold.

She was at home and look after our son, but she was telling I have to look after him at night; even I was working; still I was gets up not less than 3 times at night and changed his wet cloths; when she was snoring when he cry;
I used to feed him also.
Even on weekends I used to oil massage him; I do not boast what I did for my son; still I have`t seen any men who put their son on their leg and traditionally oil massage.

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