Pinch – Food Poison

As I said, she was working as a Accounts assistant for a small firm;
Once I called her; while talking she said
“hai” like someone pinched her;
I asked who is it.
She said one of her colleague.
That was the turning point in our relation. I did`t made big issue out of it. I just said, how can you all someone to pinch in your bottom; and same I asked her after in our church reconciliation when we split. But she has no answer.

As per my finding; he was known to her, since long, and she used to go out with him.

I do not eat anything from outside, I do not like Hotel food, thinking its not clean.
I was having 2 days weekly off, on Saturday and Sunday, once on Monday when I got up I felt dizziness; I could not able to stand also, vomited and fever too. I checked with Doctor, he said, its Food Poison.
I was thinking how can it be possible, as I do not ate anything outside food for last 2 days.
When I told this to her, she laughed. I do not why.
We had same food together, but she was ok. Usually I do not take food from dish. Most of the time she serve in my plate. Whatever she gave I used to have even salty or no salt, raw or burnt without a word.

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