For so many years I ignored all their ill deeds and Evil moves. But when they took Glenn to Dubai, just because I am coming to take him for Summer Holidays.

As per rules and Passport Act 1967 only Mother cannot apply for minor son Passport.
Once my Lawyer asked that she is asking for NOC for the Glenn Passport; I said Let her Ask me, I will give, but she never approached.

Because someone misguided her by giving surety that, I will never know and nothing will happen.
When she applied for Glenn passport with Affidavit in my name, Giving all the document, her passport copy, Ration card copy and my judgment copy etc.

She thought, it’s a big move in her Play. And when Passport came she thought she won and I lost….

But in reality I never played my part. I was waiting for my Move.

Anyway she took Glenn to Dubai, I let him go, coz I wanted him to Enjoy and see the World.

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