Yesterday After reaching Home from Office, at 3PM, I took a small nap; usually I take only 15/20 minutes; not a deep sleep, but I dreamt something which is unusual.

My Ex is sleeping in a hospital and I am sitting next to her. Her head is Shaved and covered with bandage. When Doctor comes, I tell him, do anything, no matter how much that cost me, but cure her. Then I see her parents come and I just walk out.

Suddenly I woke up, I took only few minutes, may be less than 10 minutes and this dream came.

Later someone told, My Mother wants to talk, and asked me to call her.

When I called my Mom, she said, she went to her Parents home, which is in same Place of my ex. and someone said, my ex was operated on her head, and her head was shaved.

I told her, it’s not possible, as I know from my well wishers my Ex is in Dubai. May be it’s her sister or someone else. As this was not verified or none of our relatives seen her. Even if it’s true, it’s none of my Business. If it’s true, then she got it in return what she has done to me, and this is the e beginning of the CURSE, which follow her and her Family, unless they repent and return my Son and valuables.

It was not my Curse, Its They Invited on themself.Even though my subconscious mind says in Dream; I will spend money for her Cure.

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