Satanic deeds…..

As day passed I found out many things about her. Her every move, drift us apart.

Her sister was telling her, if she want something from me and I am not giving, do not allow me to touch her, she was thinking withholding Sex without reason is a best tool to control me; but she failed, as I am not addicted to sex.

Till she got pregnant and sent to her house, she was working for some firm and earning some 2400 Rupees per month. I do not remember she ever spent single paisa for home or bought anything. I paid her every bill and for house hold things too. I never asked to pay for anything nor demanded her money. Even I was paying for her Insurance.

She always demanding to make more gold, I gave her all the gold even she kept my gold chain, rings in her sisters locker without my consent.

Every week she wanted to meet her sister and other relatives, but never agreed to come to my relatives home, even when we go for some Function in my relatives home, she will sit somewhere in corner and refuse to talk to anyone.

She was always inviting her relatives, and all relatives came shamelessly and stayed, and her jobless Brother coming home everyday just for food. But she never allowed me to invite my relatives; she told straight on my face, she will not cook anything for my relatives.

She always wanted me to wish her relatives on their Birthday and on other fest but she never called my relatives or talking to them.

As I said, her Brother was jobless, sometimes he was working as Waiter, as he came to our home he was asking and taking money around 5000, promising me to return in a month, but he hardly bothered to return it and if I ask she was getting angry.

She was very much Addicted to TV, I was watching one BBC news or if any good movie on weekend. She was always fighting for her Hindi serials mostly shows Family Problems, pre marital and extra marital Affairs and love stories, no need to explain what Indian women watch and like mostly.

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  1. I think she is too childish…She is not ready for marriage life, that couples must sharing their life, trying to make the mate happy and not only concern about herself.

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